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Vortex heat drill or the device for drilling

Its design involves the vortex heat generator.

It has great advantages over existing drilling rigs as it uses a very powerful vortex heat generator instead of a bit, the generator wears out insignificantly in comparison with existing drill bits.

An important feature of the drill is absence of deviations in the course of heading.

For vortex heat drill has not support reactions during heading, it allows increasing the drilling depth, fastening the process of drill penetrating into a drill hole through the soil and solids.

Vortex heat drill can be effectively used for drilling in production of gas, in drilling oil and water drill holes at depths more of 10 000 meters.

Find detailed information in the Russian text.

If you are interested – we will provide additional information and designer’s supervision over implementation of the technology.

p.s. We expect proposals for mutually beneficial cooperation

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