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Technology of time reduction of paints and coatings drying

–  Adding certain compositions in the rate up to 0.02% of mass to varnish-and-paint product this technology allows to reduce time of its polymerization in several times.

Advantage: – effectiveness, quality and economy in comparison with existent technologies. 

This technology is intended to provide a possibility of hardening speed regulation of the speed of just spread varnish-and-paint coverings, in which the gums, oligomers, monomers and combinations containing multiple carbons – carbon connections are applied as binders.

Such compounds include unsaturated carbohydrates as olefins, dienes and fat family aclines trivially named “oily” ones capable to polymerization in presence of oxygen in quantity equivalent to and sufficient to content in air.

The mechanism of formation of oil varnish-and-paint covering, not modified with any targeted additive consists of two strictly consecutive stages:

– the first and compulsory stage is solvent evaporation;

– the second stage is gum polymerization.

Polymerization process occurs under the chemical mechanism of oxygen reaction (here oxygen enters into the composition of air structure) with unlimited chemical connections of unsaturated hydrocarbons and formation of so-called bridges which sew together the molecules of monomers, that are the components of liquid gums and thus creating a monolithic monomer – the solid varnish-and-paint covering.

The confirmation of such hardening mechanism is the following:

– firstly a formation of thin layer on the surface of oil varnish-and-paint covering if it is kept for a long time even in tightly and properly closed vessel though with “air bag”;

– secondly when opening such vessel there is always some exhaustion – vacuum of “air bag” atmosphere in a view of gradual oxygen extraction from the “air bag” structure to the oxygen bridges formation.

The technology when certain connections injection in the amount up to 0,02% under the mass to the varnish-and-paint product allows to shorten the time of its polymerization in several times.

Advantage: simplicity, quality, efficiency and economy in comparison with existing technologies.

If you are interested – we will provide additional information and designer’s supervision over implementation of the technology.

p.s. We expect proposals for mutually beneficial cooperation

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