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Static electric power generator

The devices proposed have nothing to do with galvanic power sources (batteries, accumulators, etc.) and, especially, with perpetual-motion machines.

The devices generate electric power by unconventional method.

This device is a generator that converts the ambient energy transforming it into electricity by unconventional method.

These devices operate with a strict observance of the law of conservation of energy and represent elementary electric generators – the power source for which is dissipated ambient energy.

In particular, these devices are wide-ranging converters of low-potential ambient energy into direct current electricity.

– At the first approximation these devices look like self-discharging capacitors the power of which is proportional to their capacitance and directly depends on the flow of energy from ambient in the form of ionized particles, mechanical vibrations, sound, heat, light, electromagnetic waves, background radiation, magnetic field of the earth, etc.

Advantage: -There are no similar devices.

Principle advantages of these devices are:

– Firstly, absolute connectivity due to the widest range of convertible ambient energy,

– Secondly, longevity without maintenance due to absence of any moving parts and pieces,

– Thirdly, the device does not afraid of short-circuits. It gains the previous figures almost instantly after a circuit.

– And one of the main advantages of the devices is unlimited possibilities in their design features ranging from the traditional forms of conventional galvanic elements to the forms defined by the specifics of their application.

The devices proposed allow phones, tablets, video cameras and other devices to work in offline mode for a long time.

Principle of operation: – this is a conditionally-called electric sponge that absorbs ambient energy, dividing the charges while generating electricity by itself.

Operating units are connectable and mobile, and it is possible to divide and multiply scale of the units creating the necessary parameters to meet different requirements.

At the same time the production cost of the device is at the level of traditional power sources (batteries, accumulators).

The new technology allows to receive electric power in high-tech and cost-effective manner.

The device for electric power generation has no moving parts that virtually exclude maintenance and repair.

The technology proposed is totally independent and autonomous in continuous operation.

Complete absence of any waste and need for conventional fuel, water, etc. – makes the technology ecologically friendly.

The device does not afraid of short circuits. – It gains the previous figures almost instantly after a circuit.

The fact that the device absorbs harmful background radiation processing it and converting into electric power – makes the technology necessary and useful for the environment.

All of the abovementioned makes it safe to say – that the proposed technology is the technology of the 21st century, and allows solving new methods of environmentally friendly and cost-effective electricity production.

There are no similar devices.

Global warming, catastrophic environmental deterioration and a number of well-known economic and political problems definitely spur mankind to find new alternative power sources.

Research institute developed new technologies which solve the problem of cost-effective electric power generation using an alternative method.

The patents were obtained for these devices according to the invention patents published in the public media.

We are going on and will tell about new inventions in details.

The next invention among the proposed devices for electric power generation by unconventional method is,

– Self-charging generator which converts ambient energy into electricity.

Now we will disembosom some secrets of the processes.

Nature endowed the mankind with active dielectrics thanks to which it is possible to produce a new, more specifically, unconventional kind of alternative electric energy sources – energy sponges.

So-called energy sponges are able to sponge up, absorb and concentrate a variety of low-potential energy of ambient in themselves and to transform (convert) it to a relatively high-potential electricity, similar to ocean electric rays or river electric eels.

We published two basic designs of such energy sponges in the press in the form of patents:

– UA No. 84117 and RU No. 2390907 “Device for electric power generation”;

– UA No. 85360 and RU No. 2419951 “Static electric power generator”.

Further publications of new improved designs of energy sponges are temporarily suspended – till practical implementation of the already known ones in order to avoid technical and scientific plagiarism.

Based on specifications the described energy sponges are able to replace conventional electrolyte accumulators, for example, in mobile phones, hearing aids, miner’s lamps and other devices.

From the perspective of ordinary consumer energy sponges have a number of incontestable advantages:

– absolute autonomy within the whole period of their operation, as they are self-charged even in continuous operation throughout their entire active life of not less than 2-3 years;

From the perspective of experts energy sponges also have the following advantages and prospects:

– high manufacturability due to the ability to manufacture energy sponges by vacuum deposition;

– energy sponges can be manufactured of any shape, for example, in the form of the phone’s casing or its buttons, miner’s helmets or in the form of spotlights for helmets that will dispense with the necessity of carrying the box with accumulators and worry about their charging, it all depends on the imagination of designers and customers’ needs.

– the prospect of energy sponges manufacturing having a capacity of tens of kilowatts with a guaranteed lifetime of at least thirty years.

In our opinion to the subject of manufacturing of long-term energy sponges with a capacity countable in kilowatts should be viewed slowly and deliberately.

Energy independence for all members of a society taking into account all positive effects can easily lead to the collapse of the very society.

– high-capacity energy sponges are able to reduce natural and induced ambient background radiation, as well as to create a temperature gradient in tens of degrees effectively;

This subject should be viewed separately, for example, in the context climate control of a of volume-defined space by manufacturing the energy sponges in the form of wallpapers, linoleum, blinds, fabrics, tiles for floors and walls, moldings and baseboards, individual sockets, self adhesive stickers, paintings, interior design items, furniture, mounting blocks, clothes, exposure suits, portable refrigerators, target containers, medical boxes, etc.

– After patenting of two abovementioned devices, further development are not suspended.

We conduct research on alternative energy sources in eight-nine directions totally independent from each other.

There are no publications on them yet, and therefore, I will try to familiarize you with at least some of the areas – as shortly as possible and with the involvement of several amateur films and photographs of the first samples.

Before viewing the films, for more complete understanding of the operational principle of the devices, will you refer to the accompanying summary on the topic?

Construction and operational principle of super capacitor (ionistor) was taken from the Internet in the category ‘handmade ionistor’.

Handmade ionistor.

Figure 1 shows the ionistor’s design. It consists of two metal plates, pressed closely to the “stuffing” made of activated carbon.

The carbon is laid down by two layers separated by a thin separating layer of material which does not conduct electrons. All this is impregnated with electrolyte.

When charging the ionistor, – double electrical layer with electrons at its surface is formed in one its half on carbon pores – and with positive ions in the other its half.

Upon charging the ions and electrons begin to flow in opposite directions. The neutral atoms of metal are formed on their meeting and the accumulated charge is reduced and eventually may come to naught.

To prevent this, the separation layer is put between the layers of the activated carbon. It may consist of various thin plastic films, paper, and even cotton.

25% sodium chloride solution or 27% potassium hydroxide solution is an electrolyte in amateur ionistors.

Copper plates with previously soldered wires are applied as electrodes.

For good coupling the plates must be degreased. Degreasing of plates takes place in two steps. Firstly, they are washed with soap and water, then rubbed with tooth powder and washed by water jet.

Activated carbon, bought in drug-store, is milled in a mortar and mixed with electrolyte to produce a thick paste, which is spread carefully over degreased plate.

During the first test the plates with a paper seal are placed on one another,

This ionistor can be made redesigned to DC generator by a very simple and that is why high-tech way, almost without changing the existing production technologies of ionistors.

In our opinion, it is very important that already existing and well-established technologies in ionistor’s production do not require changes when implementing the proposed invention in actual production,

– that allows to implement the invention and launch a cost-effective technology in production in a quickly manner.

Economy triumphs!

The goal is achieved elementary – by introducing Maxwell’s demon to the electrolyte.

It should be noted that currently Maxwell’s demon is no longer a thought experiment of 1867; to confirm it I will provide well-known examples

– To confirm the above, and in order to get the gist of the matter – the interested companies need to find the publication of Japanese and American scientists on the Maxwell’s demon in the Internet or to translate a few annexes in Russian provided below.

As it can be seen from the descriptions of the achievements of the world science – due to the high production cost Maxwell’s demon is not available yet for an average consumer.

We have found a solution to obtain high-tech and inexpensive Maxwell’s demon– with a production cost on the price level of traditionally used electrolytes and those which are already used in many countries in ionistor’s production.

In witness whereof we demonstrate the photographs of the first samples.


And also we provide the opportunity to view the documentary films on our web-site and on the Internet.

1)   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0eX2ZPzJik

2)   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QO0I7RPdSas 

Provided films and photos show that the work is not stopped with the course of time, and we have made quite a considerable progress.

– namely, under “conditions of the kitchen”, by hand there were already collected ionistors ten times smaller and hundred times more powerful than its analogues.

According to the achieved results it is advisable to consider the real production issue.

In our opinion, – it is possible:

– to buy (from China-Korea-India-Turkey to Germany-USA) finished production line of ionistors at the cost of $ 100000- $ 800000, depending on its performance and country-manufacturer,

– previously agree with the manufacturer of ionistors’ line geometric dimensions with the dimensions of traditional batteries,

– to establish a reconstructed line in the most economically successful country,

– to add new Maxwell’s demon improved by us,

– and then to bring a new product to the market and to take a leading position.

It should be noted that the experimental ionistors of two years old and more recent of half-year old differ by increased area of double electrical layer due to the nature of carbonic electrodes and more advanced properties of Maxwell’s demon sectioned by us.

Due to the fact that research in this direction goes on, we may demonstrate, the very first yet, an elementary cell of absolutely solid-state ionistor made already by vacuum deposition.

Absolutely solid ionistor’s body and its unequalled electrical properties are achieved using DLF (diamond-like films) as the electrode material ten times exceeding carbon nano tubes in the specific surface area, as well as using of solid electrolytes and Maxwell’s demon improved by us.

We assume that in the nearest future such technological approach will allow us to get the production technology of inexpensive self-charging ionistors exceeding lithium batteries under their specific electric capacity.

And new eco-friendly and cost-effective approach to obtain electric power, will allow the invention to hold a leading position for a long time in the 21st century.

In our view Maxwell’s demon was demonstrated to the consumer, and the uniqueness of the inventive subject-matter was showed in reality.

I’d like to emphasize that the information provided during the demonstration of the invention, is not a circus trick.

– as we have no need to create the illusion off screen, because we cannot afford to engage in fraud.

You may assure yourself in all what you had seen in photo and video reports, during demonstration in case of personal meeting.

The information provided for familiarization emphasizes again that everything done on the screen, has one goal – to provide a clear demonstration of the invention, and in no case to equivocate to lift the image.

There remained only to say in words that the elementary cell can be produced with a self-renewing voltage of 2.5 volts,

– herewith generating capacity is directly proportional to electrical capacity of the cell, and continuous operation of proposed ionizers of the new generation will be operable during hundreds of thousands of hours.

If you are interested – we will provide additional information and designer’s supervision over implementation of the technology.

p.s. We expect proposals for mutually beneficial cooperation.

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