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Self-charging generator – converts ambient energy into electricity

We offer innovative production technology of generators which convert the ambient energy transforming it into electricity by unconventional method.

These devices operate with a strict observance of the law of conservation of energy and represent elementary electric generators – power source of which is dissipated ambient energy.

At the first approximation these power sources look like self-discharging capacitors, the power of which is proportional to their capacitance and directly depends on the flow of energy from ambient in the form of ionized particles, mechanical vibrations, sound, heat, light, electromagnetic waves, background radiation, magnetic field of the earth, etc.

Operating principle of the devices allows continuous recharging of their electric potential at the programmed power level even during constant operation load.

In particular, these devices are wide-ranging converters of low-potential ambient energy into direct current electricity.

Advantage: -There are no similar devices

 Problems of existing power sources.

Batteries, accumulators.

  • Harmful production and disposal (lead, sulfuric acid and other degradation products harmful for environment).
  • Heavy weight and large size,
  • Short service life and resource with limited number of operating cycles • Need to recharge the accumulator by generator and battery by current electricity.
  • Need for maintenance (check of electrolyte density, topping up with distilled water).
  • Long charge time.
  • Instability of operation in case of strong frost.
  • Solar power. Dependence on weather conditions, maintenance costs, efficiency coefficient of 40%.The cost is 28.4 cents / kWh.
  • Wind power.Dependence on weather conditions, maintenance costs, efficiency coefficient is 50%, the cost is 6.4 cents / kWh.
  • Hydropower, Need for large rivers, dependence on weather conditions, maintenance costs, environmental threat, efficiency coefficient is 92-94%.
  • Geothermal energy,Need for thermal waters, efficiency coefficient is 92-94%, the cost is 5.8 cents / kWh.
  • Thermal power, Need for fuel, maintenance costs, environmental threat, efficiency coefficient is 30-65%, the cost is 2 cents / kWh.
  • Nuclear powerNeed for fuel, maintenance costs, health risks, environmental threat, efficiency coefficient is 40-44%, the cost is 12.5 cents / kWh.

Decisions to eliminate the existing deficiencies.

It is possible to eliminate many of the deficiencies of the existing power sources by implementation of new technologies suggested by us.

We propose innovative technologies of power sources production, generating electrical energy by unconventional method.

Technologies proposed have unlimited possibilities of structural design which allow producing power sources ranging from traditionally applied to the devices necessary for specific application.

Devices proposed are wide-ranging converters of low-potential ambient energy into direct current electricity

Unconventional principle of electric power generation.

How does it work.




Advantage of the power sources proposed.

  1. There are no similar power sources, – the devices proposed have nothing to do with galvanic power sources (batteries, accumulators, etc.).
  2. The ability of self-charging and to generate direct current electricity.- allows mobile phones, computers and other devices to work offline.
  3. The device allows working offline for a long time – at least 2 years.
  4. No production cost when receiving electric power, the devices are self-charging by absorbing the ambient energy.
  5. Low cost of power sources production – taking into account all leading positions of the devices, the production cost of the devices does not exceed the production cost of traditional batteries (batteries and accumulators).
  6. Unlimited structural performance – ranging from the traditional forms in the form of conventional galvanic elements to the necessary forms, defined by their specific application.
  7. The plants can be multiplied and divided creating the necessary parameters for a variety of requirements, – allowing to use power sources in various devices and meet all the requirements necessary for their comfortable work.
  8. The device does not afraid of short circuits,- short circuits do not affect the subsequent workflow of power sources as even after a short circuit they gain the previous figures almost instantly.
  9. Long life without maintenance.- due to absence of moving parts and components, the devices do not require maintenance.
  10. Multivarious sector of application of the devices.- from batteries in hearing aids, phones, computers, miner’s lamps, car batteries to lighting and heating of premises.
  11. Absolute operating connectivity.- referring to the widest range of convertible ambient energy, it is possible to use the device under any of the existing conditions in different areas where power sources are needed.
  12. New technology allows.- to generate electric power necessary for household equipment in high-tech and cost-effective manner.
  13. The technology proposed is totally independent and autonomous in continuous operation.- the devices do not require recharging with fuel or current electricity.
  14. There is no need in disposal of hazardous waste.- total absence of any waste and need for conventional fuel, water, etc. – that makes the operation of the devices ecologically friendly.

Ecologically friendly and even useful work of the devices.

-as the device absorbs natural background radiation of the earth, it makes the technology necessary and useful for the environment and humans.

Photos of the first experimental samples. 

Possible options for manufacturing of self-charging power sources.

Photos of the first experimental samples. 

Possible options for manufacturing of self-charging power sources.

Planned possibilities of application of the invention.

Devices that require no-break power.

Mobile devices, – toys, flashlights, calculators, watches, phones, cameras, radio transistors, video players, video cameras, remote-piloted devices, tablets, laptops, computers

  • Home appliances – LED bulbs, lamps, fans, air conditioners, TV sets.
  • Motor vehicles, electric transport vehicle, technological transport.
  • Systems of no-break power supply for offices and homes, as well as power sources for electricity provision under hiking and travel conditions.

Final product of the technologies proposed.

The innovative devices can be made of any shape and with various specifications.

And with different functional operating principles and production technologies.

The devices may find application as electricity storage devices from electric network and they will be charged in offline mode upon disconnection from the network.

Besides, they can be used as generators converting ambient energy to direct current electricity, working independently from the electric network in offline mode.

Prospects for technologies development.

– Upon patenting of two directions of alternative power sources production, the further development and testing are not stopped.

We have already got good results and are ready to file an application for the following patent.

Successful developments and testing in other areas are going on.

Further publications of new improved designs of energy sponges are temporarily suspended – till practical implementation of the already known ones.

Photos of tests.

Successful developments and testing in other areas are going on.

Further publications of new improved designs of energy sponges are temporarily suspended – till practical implementation of the already known ones.

And since there are no publications on the new and more improved power sources yet, we will try to brief You at least of some of the areas of technology development.

Self-charging power converter can be manufactured of any shape, for example, in the form of the phone’s casing or its buttons, miner’s helmets or in the form of spotlights for helmets, that will dispense with the necessity of carrying the box with accumulators, and worry about their charging, and will increase labor productivity.

Innovative technologies allow realization of any fantasies and requirements necessary for the customer.

All of the abovementioned allow us to say confidently – that all the technologies proposed will be in demand, as they are progressive and innovative that provides new and innovative methods of environmentally friendly and cost-effective electric power producing.

Undisputed list of advantages will allow the invention to hold a leading position in the 21st century for a long time.

Options for the planned completion of the project.

Sale of licenses for power sources production

– with author supervision over technology implementation.

Sale of patents

– with author supervision over technology implementation.

When buying the existing patents, there is a possibility of joint patenting of the patents ready for filing for new technologies.

Expert forecasts.

Experts predict that the profit from sale of power sources has to increase by 59%.

2014 – 60 Billion $               +59%                     2025 – 95 billion $.

If you are interested – we will provide additional information and designer’s supervision over implementation of the technology.

p.s. We expect proposals for mutually beneficial cooperation.


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