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Electro-catalytic method of hydrogen formation

This technology makes it possible to get hydrogen from water and has the following positive features:

– low production cost;

– high purity of hydrogen received – up to 99.99% or higher;

– simplicity of production process, its continuity, possibility of the most complete automation, absence of moving parts in electrolytic cell;

– possibility to produce valuable by-products – heavy water and oxygen;

– accessible and inexhaustible raw materials – water;

– flexibility of the process and possibility of hydrogen formation directly under pressure;

– physical separation of hydrogen and oxygen during the very electrolysis process.


High-selective chemical metallization of laser draught on ceramic substrates and crystals

– High-selective metallization of laser draught on ceramics and crystals.

– Technological process allows to apply nickel, cobalt, manganese, chrome, tungsten, molybdenum, indium, gallium, palladium, platinum, copper, silver, gold, tin, cadmium, iron selectively with chemical method on the surface irradiated with laser.

– Metallization may be performed as monolith with set width, and with the layers in any priority as alloys on mentioned metals and alloys dopes with phosphorus, boron, arsenic, carbon, silicon.

All the abovementioned is applied on oxides, carbides, nitrides of aluminum, boron, manganese, calcium, silicon and on natural stones – ruby, sapphire, diamond, emerald and others.

Field of application: electronics, medical devices, jewelry production.


Production technology of universal refrigerators and coolers

– This technology allows to form active high-productive heat sinks in the back areas of ceramic and metal products.

– Productivity of such heat sinks may be increased up to 370 Wt\sq.m. when the heat sink is already limited  by heat conduction of the material of cooled object.

– Field of application is adequate to the fantasy of the constructor who needs to cool the products and objects silently, without noise, Freon gas, compressors and fans.


Technology of chemical nickel plating of products of steel, cast iron and plastic

As a result of its undeniable advantages and specific qualities, chemical nickel plating can be used in automobile manufacturing, instrument engineering and in many other branches of production sector.

The most important among them is the fact that chemical nickel plating has high protective qualities and it is more effective to aggressive environment in comparison with electroless nickel.

The technology provides more qualitative covering of not only the products of metal, cast iron, plastic but of inorganic dielectrics which include ceramics, glass, porcelain, glimmer, ceramized glass and ferrites.

Advantage: offered technology has high effectiveness and quality and is profitable economically