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Manufacturing technology of alloy for welding of aluminum to stainless steel without previous steel aluminizing

Flux is highly manufacturable and as a result is greatly cost-effective.

– Increases the quality of weld joint, transferres it from the category of encapsulating to the category of constructional.

– In the case of necessity the technology allows to perform emergency welding in field conditions without fundamental disassembly of damaged parts and constructions in full.

Use of new technology, excluding pre-aluminizing, reduces the production cost of one meter of weld seam, – up to 8 US dollars.

Production cost of one meter of weld seam made by traditional method using pre-aluminizing exceeds 110 US dollars.

This fact makes the proposed technology to be economically viable and competitive, as well as to take leading positions in the market.

Welding technology of aluminum alloys to steel is in-demand in the manufacturing of cryogenic equipment, shipbuilding, aircraft industry, etc.

Advantage: – there are no similar technologies.

In 2004 commissioned by Odessa Plant Joint-Stock Company “Kislorodmash” and under its active material and technical support, we developed and introduced into production this flux, as well as the technological process of its manufacturing and using under conditions of the machine factory.

This technological process was used extensively by the plant during production of air – gas separation units since September 14th, 2004.

This fact gives us the right to offer You to consider implementing of this process in Your production environment with reasonable certainty.

Today at the cost of a weld seam of 110 $ US dollars, the proposed technology with the cost of 8 $ US dollars will become unattainable for the technologies of welding of aluminum to steel.

As the simplicity of the technology, welding quality and price are unreachable for competitors today.

Currently, the cost of one ton of flux, on the basis of the prices of chemical reagents necessary for its production is near 900 US dollars.

For production arrangement it is necessary:

To ensure the production it is necessary up to 600 square meters of production area and 800 square meters of associated facilities.

Approximate area of land plot required for production is from 1500m2, – depending on expected volume of production.

Utility networks and energy supply / facilities / – water, sewerage system, – 380V – 500KW.

Operating costs. / – How many people of the staff?

– from – 50 persons depending on expected volume of production

If you are interested – we will provide additional information and designer’s supervision over implementation of the technology.

p.s. We expect proposals for mutually beneficial cooperation

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