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Fundamentally new technology production of the double-sided mirror of low cost

Technology which let conserve heat in winter and cool in summer in the housing complexes and offices.

– Technology includes manufacturing of the double-sided mirror of low prime cost, high-technological method in conditions of building;

Advantage: – prime cost of the mirrors is much lower than traditionally manufactured ones’.

It is well known that cladding of buildings with double-sided mirrors produces double positive effect.

In summer the external heat flows (solar flows) are reflected that reduces costs for air-conditioning of premises.

In winter the internal heat flows are reflected reaching the effect – thus, it reduces costs for heating and cooling of premises.

Widespread use of double-sided mirrors is constrained by their high cost.

Scientists of our institute developed a fundamentally new method of double-sided mirrors manufacturing.

Production cost of such mirrors is sequence less than of traditional ones.

Production of double-sided mirrors reduces itself to an effective and practical elementary technology.

Easy process of reflecting layer application allows it even under the field conditions – for example, directly at the construction site by the workers mastered the elementary techniques and skills.

If you are interested – we will provide additional information and designer’s supervision over implementation of the technology.

p.s. We expect proposals for mutually beneficial cooperation

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