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Efficient seawater desalinator

Efficient seawater desalinator, – the operating principle of which is based on the principle of converting seawater into steam.

Original small-size modules with ceramic heaters with DLC- coating are used as the evaporator and plenum systems.

This new approach allows development of high-performance industrial desalinators which can be used for drinking water production in arid areas, as well as for water purification (river water, sewage water, etc.

The effect of significant energy saving of the technology proposed will allow to hold a leading place among the desalination technologies.

Desalinator works on the principle of distillation desalination which provides an interim transition of liquid aggregate state into gaseous (steam or evaporation).

Desalinator evaporates seawater, catches the received steam, and then, after its cooling, produces water.

This project is based on 3 main technologies:

Construction of desalinator (PCT application), Heaters with DLC coating (invention patent), a method of artificial mineralized drinking water preparation (invention patent in Russia and Ukraine).

Construction of the desalinator.

Original small-size module is used in the construction as an evaporator, heater of flowing water and pump simultaneously.

The module comprises a ceramic heater coated with DLC-coating mounted in the tube. DLC – coating provides high wear and heat resistance of the heaters that allows to use these devices in flowing water.

Since DLC – coating is inert to the effects of various chemicals, including acid and alkaline solutions, it excludes the precipitation of salts on the heaters.

The construction is a self-regulating system that provides the flow of water exactly in the amount of water transformed into steam. Moreover, this principle remains for any volumes of liquid processed.

This eliminates the use of software and actuators.

By the amount of modules used the desired performance of desalinator can be set.

Thus, the use of one module in the unit provides performance of the desalinator up to 1,0 l / minute of desalinated water at power consumption of 100 W.

The desalinator is constructed in such a way that all the modules and the tank of sea water are interconnected by a single pipe, according to the principle of communicating vessels.

Pumping of water into modules does not require any pumps or moving parts. Modules themselves act as pumps – when the water in the upper part of the tubes is evaporated it is replaced by a fresh portion of water flows by gravity flow.

The system can be commutated by tens and hundreds of modules. The evaporator composed of 100 modules, takes an area of about 2 square meters.

In addition to seawater desalination the system can also be used for water purification (for example, of river water, sewage water, industrial discharges) without any modifications.

This technology provides its own heating elements in the form of similar modules with highly heat-conductive ceramic heater with a resistive diamond like coating, which allows to reach power density up to 300 W / 1 sq. cm.

Water mineralization takes place at the final stage of distilled water production (during the condensate production); the water is mineralized.

Output water is calcium-free, low-mineralized and corresponds to the standards of drinking water.

Mineralization process is controlled with a possibility of drinking or medicinal water production.

So, the calcium-free water is able to flush out kidney and gall bladder stones within a short period, to normalize the reaction of gastric juice and intestinal function, to cure coronary heart disease, degenerative disc disease and uratic arthritis, to normalize arterial blood pressure, etc.

Approximate system performance of 600 l / min of drinking water with a yield of 200 to 500 kg / min of crystallization salt will require the following power consumption during system operation:

– for heating modules – 2500 kW. Hour;

– for finish heaters – 500 kW. Hour.

The unit is designed for round the clock operation.

Industrial plant – one engineer and two operators with around-the-clock work.

We have developed, tested and patented a new device, and a system (technology) of desalination based on the principles of distillation desalination.

The device is a highly efficient, inexpensive in manufacturing, does not require any special maintenance during operation, has minimum materials consumption, is not burdened with a large number of actuators and software, has a long operation life.

Modularity of the system allows to gain any necessary power (capacity), increasing the number of operating units.

This provides new additional market niches for the technology that may not be captured by modern desalination technologies due to their high power consumption and expensiveness of the product obtained.

We show the photo of a laboratory sample of a desalter of water.

If you are interested – we will provide additional information and designer’s supervision over implementation of the technology.

p.s. We expect proposals for mutually beneficial cooperation

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