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Category Utilization, treatment and recycling of waste

Technology of non-waste and environmentally friendly utilization and recycling of used disposable medical droppers, syringes and needles

– the technology allows to recuperate plastic and metal.

– Technological process provides non-waste production and ecological cleanliness.

Proposed process of utilization of used disposable syringes involves separating of polyethylene parts from metal needles by dissolution (washing) of polyethylene by specially developed eutectic mixture of solvents with subsequent recuperation of the latter for multiple use and achieving non-waste technology in such a way.

Advantage: – there are no similar technologies.


Technology of cleaning of contaminated surfaces from oil, fuel oil, lubricants, oil products and fats, followed by environmentally friendly waste recycling into oil products

Scope of application: – surfaces cleaning.

Such as pipes, reservoirs, storage basins, tanks, bullets, passenger coaches, etc .

  • Also cleaning of contaminated areas, including soil from oil, fuel oil, lubricants, oil products and fats.

Advantage of the technology:

– Better cleaning of contaminated surfaces.

– Environmentally friendly technology in comparison with its analogues.

– The cost of the technological process of clearing is lower than the same of the existing technologies.


Waste-free technology of utilization of car tires

Utilization of tires is effected in two ways:

– by direct cracking to produce a liquid fuel, soot, sodium sulfate and steel scrap;

– by dissolving in reconditioned sand of solvents to get rubber resin, soot, sodium sulfate, scrap steel and technical yarns.

The main advantage of the technology proposed is high economic profitability.

The basis of both technologies proposed is that the processing of utilizable tires is focused on waste-free production of raw materials for subsequent traditional application.