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Category Technologies of multidiscipline application

Environmentally friendly technology of biofilm matrix destruction in water rotation units

Biofilms are highly-ordered bacterial communities formed on biological or artificial surfaces as a result of adhesion, growth and reproduction of microorganisms and polysaccharide extracellular matrix formation.

In nature, biofilms are ubiquitous and create huge problems in human activity, as in medicine, agriculture, food industry, municipal sector and in construction, engineering industry, transport, water supply, oil production, electricity production, i.e. in all water rotation units.

It is proposed to introduce environmentally friendly and harmless technology of biofilm matrix destruction in water rotation units with a purpose to reduce energy consumption.

Distinctive features of the proposed technology are:

– Formulations contain chemical and biological agents in concentrations harmless to humans;

– Formulations exclude chlorine-containing reagents;

– Formulations inhibit corrosion of ferrous alloys;

– Formulations have powerful disinfectant and antiseptic properties.