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Category Technologies of desalination and purification of salt water

Technology of salt water desalting and clarification

The program with the use of the complex of physical and chemical effects on the basis of membranous and ion-exchange technologies allows to perform mobile and fixed-site clearing units of different productivity.

Advantages of the technology:

– Minimal power consumption with high degree of efficiency in comparison with famous technologies;

– This technology provides direct use of sun and wind energy (without application of expensive sun batteries and wind generators);

– Absence of large-scale wastes thanks to parallel production of clean mineral salts in solid form which have wide spectrum of further end use.

Main benefits: – ecological purity and high economic feasibility.


Efficient seawater desalinator

Efficient seawater desalinator, – the operating principle of which is based on the principle of converting seawater into steam.

Original small-size modules with ceramic heaters with DLC- coating are used as the evaporator and plenum systems.

This new approach allows development of high-performance industrial desalinators which can be used for drinking water production in arid areas, as well as for water purification (river water, sewage water, etc.

The effect of significant energy saving of the technology proposed will allow to hold a leading place among the desalination technologies.