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Category Medicine and pharmaceutics

Surgical scalpel for bloodless surgeries

A design of ceramic scalpel used in medical practice was takes as a basis.

Film microheater is applied to the scalpel blade.

Temperature of the blade at incision is 230°C and is maintained at such level using electronic means, irrespective of where the scalpel blade is, in the air or is immersed in tissue.

At the same time power consumption is only  up to 12W.

Simultaneous sealing of blood vessels is made during surgery at the moment of tissue incision.

Thus, it is possible to carry out bloodless surgeries, particularly gynecological, cancer, etc.

The advantage is simplicity, as the scalpel can be used even under field conditions.

At the same time it significantly reduces the possibility of introduction of an infection during surgery.


Blood coagulator

It can be used in medicine for local sealing of blood vessels in the soft tissues.

Effective use of film microheater of our development in the coagulator is increased by direct diamond-like coating onto the surface of polycrystalline diamond having a thermal conductivity of 1000 W / mK.

Milliseconds are enough to reach the temperatures of 220 – 230°C.


Heat probe to remove oncologic fragments from human bodies

The design is similar to blood coagulator and it may be used to remove tumors of skin and internal organs, tumors in gynecology (as a catheter).

The surface of polycrystalline diamond, as well as DLF surface is chemically inert to corrosive environments, and is compatible with the lymph blood.

Due to high thermal conductivity, a heat source transmits energy to the area of affected tissue and is localized by exposure of millisecond pulses.

Nearby healthy cells do not have time to get the damaging thermal shock.