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Category Machinery and engines

Generator of electricity

– It has a fairly simple design with the usage of standard components.

The design of the power generator allows to produce additional 50% of  the electricity.

Due to its energy-saving features this generator can be used effectively almost everywhere.


Rotary machine

25 Additional inventions are made in this field. The invention includes a lot of variants of different configurations.

They provide laminar flow, which allows not to have cavitation damage in a pump. They have very large displacement and a high rotor speed as there is a considerable engine balance.

The principle of repression used in them allows to have better consumer characteristics than in centrifugal pumps widely sold nowadays.

Our pumps will significantly improve the technical performance of the device in which they will be used – for example, vortex heat-generators.

Advantage: – Good consumer characteristics of these pumps allow to effectively apply them practically everywhere where pumps are used.


Vortex heat-generator

– 15 Additional inventions are made in this field.

Vortex heat-generation – it is advisable to perform operation using our rotary repression pump and on the basis of our invention – “Rotary machine”.

Even without this pump, the design of this vortex heat-generator itself has great advantages in comparison to design of other existing heat-generations.

The point is that it has a screw swirler allowing cavitation emitting main heat not on hard surfaces of the parts, but in a flow itself, which allows emitting large amounts of heat, avoiding emerging of cavitation damage of parts and to reduce noise manifold.

On the basis of implementation of the “Vortex heat-generator” it is easy to introduce the “Vortex heat drill” andthe “Desalination unit”.

Vortex heat-generator can be used for heating of premises in industrial production processes where heating of the liquid is required.


Vortex heat generator – piped

The piped vortex heat generator may give a sufficient high coefficient of efficiency,

The scientific developments under the patent of the Russian Federation, which are good described in the “Youth Technology” magazine, correspond to this project.

This vortex heat generator, pump itself and direct return pipe connected to it, as stated in the article, can work effectively.

Today this development solves a very important issue.

At the moment there are no high performance displacement pumps with high efficiency and small dimensions.

The development, suggested by us, has the possibility to solve this problem.

– According to the kinematic scheme it is very easy to design a very effective rotary displacement pump.


Desalination unit

This unit comprises a vortex heat generator and is designed on the basis of a very powerful heat generator.

The installation can be used in places where a lot of seawater is present, but there is a shortage of fresh water.

The great advantage of this desalination unit is that it can help to get desalinated water with low electricity expenses, and what is very important is that this technology is environmentally friendly.