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Category Engineering industry

Technology of chemical nickel plating of products of steel, cast iron and plastic

As a result of its undeniable advantages and specific qualities, chemical nickel plating can be used in automobile manufacturing, instrument engineering and in many other branches of production sector.

The most important among them is the fact that chemical nickel plating has high protective qualities and it is more effective to aggressive environment in comparison with electroless nickel.

The technology provides more qualitative covering of not only the products of metal, cast iron, plastic but of inorganic dielectrics which include ceramics, glass, porcelain, glimmer, ceramized glass and ferrites.

Advantage: offered technology has high effectiveness and quality and is profitable economically


Technology of chemical tin-coating of copper alloys

This technology is a guidance for technological process of chemical tin-coating with pure tin metal or its alloys, copper or its alloys, on the basis of concrete technological requirements and economical reasonability.

Chemical method is technologically excellent in cases of necessity of cool, selective tin-coating at simultaneous presence of different materials of underlayer and dimensional tin-coating by a template or picture using photolithography.

In the case of necessity the process of tin-coating may be speed up.


Pickling of heavy-alloyed steels without using of fluorhydric acid

This technology is intended for change of existent technological process of clearing by the method of pickling of steel parts and heavy-alloyed steels.

Pickling solution offered in return does not contain fluorhydric acid which is high-toxic and hardly utilizable that makes the technology ecologically harmless simplifying the technological process.

Advantage: – ecological harmless, simplicity and economical effect of the technology.