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Category Alternative welding techniques

Manufacturing technology of alloy for welding of aluminum to stainless steel without previous steel aluminizing

Flux is highly manufacturable and as a result is greatly cost-effective.

– Increases the quality of weld joint, transferres it from the category of encapsulating to the category of constructional.

– In the case of necessity the technology allows to perform emergency welding in field conditions without fundamental disassembly of damaged parts and constructions in full.

Use of new technology, excluding pre-aluminizing, reduces the production cost of one meter of weld seam, – up to 8 US dollars.

Production cost of one meter of weld seam made by traditional method using pre-aluminizing exceeds 110 US dollars.

This fact makes the proposed technology to be economically viable and competitive, as well as to take leading positions in the market.

Welding technology of aluminum alloys to steel is in-demand in the manufacturing of cryogenic equipment, shipbuilding, aircraft industry, etc.

Advantage: – there are no similar technologies.


Cold soldering of metals to metals and metals to ceramics and glass

Cold soldering under normal room temperature with the help of water solutions, solutions of metal salts, low-resistance solders of systems metal-metal, metal – ceramics with further exploitation of welding joint under temperature conditions up to 960 °C.

Cold soldering is performed with low-resistance soldering alloys of metal-to-metal, metal-ceramic systems, – followed by a qualitative exploitation of the soldered seam operating

– For the first time we performed practically theoretical “fantasy” when the metals, tin and silver in particular at the moment of reconstruction from ions in aquatic environment do not form crystal lattice and we are able to adjust this process in time adequately.

– This technology is performed with the help of special alloys that have relatively high melting temperature and unique property – capacity of supercooling as molten solder at chilling to room temperature is fluid for some time.

Advantage: – there are no similar technologies.