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Category Agriculture

Growth stimulator to increase yield and to improve disease resistance of crops. “Tammuz”

Preparation “Tammuz” is proposed to intensive practical implementation, it is made by the potential domestic producer, and it is a highly efficient catalyst of bioenergetic processes.

It is used for seed soaking, and for spraying and irrigation at any stage of plant growth.

Stimulator shows itself as an activator of plant growth.

Use of the preparation accelerates fruit ripening and helps to provide a stable increase in productivity from 15% to 30% without the use of additional fertilizers.

The preparation does not replace fertilizers completely – but it has an effect on the plant as a growth stimulant additionally improving the effectiveness of fertilizers.

Stimulator improves plant resistance to diseases, protecting them from a number of adverse factors that stimulates efficient and qualitative growth of plants and crops.

Treatment of seeds and young seedlings leads to consolidation of the preparation effect during the entire life of the plant.

Advantage: – ecological cleanliness of the preparation and substantial economic effect.


Health-promoting natural sugar substitute – “Stevia”

Being a natural preservative “Stevia” has antimicrobial and antifungal action, promotes the excretion of metabolic products, toxins, heavy metals from the body, slowing down the aging process, has a tonic effect, recovers manpower after nervous and physical exhaustion, stimulates insulin secretion, etc.

For the last 20 years, scientists around the world have been looking for causes of fall of the health level of population of the Earth, but it turned out – in 90% of cases the reasons lie not so much in the wrong and poor nutrition and the state of the environment, as mainly in the fact that people consume large amounts of hyperglycemic food, mainly in the form of sugar.

This causes absolutely inadequate reaction of body functioning.

The body produces excessive amounts of cholesterol which subsequently deposits on the walls of blood vessels, reduces immunity, work capacity, impairs carbohydrate metabolism, etc., – in other words, we are talking about the problems associated with body acidification.

The way out of this situation is an introduction of a natural herbal sweetener “Stevia” to the diet.

“Stevia” contains stevioside and glycoside that have medicinal properties in its leaves.

Since “Stevia” is a low-calorie and harmless sugar substitute, it is healthful for everybody, especially to the patients with diabetes mellitus.

“Stevia” can be used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

Taking of “Stevia” promotes normalization of blood sugar levels, has a positive effect on metabolism of fats, fortifies cardiovascular system, improves digestion, as well as it removes harmful cholesterol, and radionuclides from the body, there occurs the regeneration of body cells, it restores immune system and stops the growth of tumors, etc..

“Stevia” can be used both for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.


Organomineral fertilizers with protective effects

Introduction of the technology of controlled mineral mode to production under conditions of use of organomineral fertilizers of prolonged action has several advantages over conventional fertilizers, namely:

– high utilization coefficient of nutrients;

– keeping of an optimum microclimate in the plant environment;

– osmotic pressure of soil solution does not increase;

– it is not washed out of the soil and saves the prolonged action of nutrients use.

In addition, the application of organomineral fertilizers of prolonged action provides more rational their use and prevents pollution of soil and water bodies by biogenic elements, allows to regulate the growth and development of plants, eliminates accumulation of excessive amounts of one or more elements, including heavy metals in plant products and excludes contamination of soil with weed seeds.


Remedy for weeds «Liquidator»

Highly effective herbicide affecting the roots of perennial weeds.

The preparation is ecologically friendly and absolutely harmless for warm-blooded animals.

One-time use of the preparation guarantees an effect for at least two seasons.

Large-scale field trials of this herbicide in industrial and domestic areas, along the rail road and motor transport routes confirmed its undeniable advantages in comparison with existing analogues in the issues of price, quality and manufacturability.