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Alternative device for electric energy producing

  – Self-charging accumulator box of long-lasting action for the costs of energy of environment, natural radiation background in particular.

Field of application of the invention is various: – from the batteries of long-lasting action in the hearing devices, mobile phones, computers, automotive batteries, gump lights up to lightening and heating of dwelling houses.

Advantage: -There are no similar devices.

Known economic and political problems clearly pushes mankind to find new alternative sources of energy.

– The patent “Device for Electric energy production” is obtained.

It’s registered in Ukraine, Russia,(Euro-Asian union), documents for registration in the USA are ready for submission.

– UA No. 84117 and RU No. 2390907 “Device for electric power generation”.

The device is a self-charging accumulator unit of long term action owing to the energy of environment in particular due to the natural radiation background.

The principal of operation is so called electrical sponge which absorbs electric energy of the environment separating charges and at the same time independently producing electric energy.

–  At the same time the operating cost of this device is lower than the cost of the traditional sources of power (batteries, accumulators).

– The high degree of economy and technology under long-term operation.

– The absence of moving parts, practical absence of repair and maintenance works under the ten years of operation,

– Full absence of any wastes and necessity of traditional fuel, water, etc.

– The complete no interaction  and independence of operation, its own ecological cleanness.

– The operating plants are communicative and mobile, at the same time the scale of the plan can be divided and multiplied.

The area of application of this invention is quite wide: – From batteries of long-term action in the hearing-aids, mobile phones, computers, automobile batteries to the heating and lightening of the residing premises.

If you are interested – we will provide additional information and designer’s supervision over implementation of the technology.

p.s. We expect proposals for mutually beneficial cooperation.

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