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About us

Our institute is a group of professionals with years of experience in discoveries and developments of new technologies in science and engineering.

A group of our scientists have developed more than eight hundred inventions and new technological processes which were patented in the USSR, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.

The proposed technologies touch different areas and directions, covering many branches of science and engineering – such as alternative sources of food, electric power industry, radioelectronics, microelectronic systems of vacuum and laser technology, alternative welding techniques, protective coatings for metals, nano-doped diamond-like films, processing of transparent crystals, technologies of desalination and purification of salt water, medicine and pharmaceutics, agriculture, energy-saving technologies in construction, utilization, treatment and recycling of waste, oil-refining industry, engineering industry, drilling rigs, compressors, pumps, filters and more.

Today we break stereotypes and find innovative ways of development of future technologies.

We develop progressive technologies at a high level.

Primary objective of developments is ecology preservation.

We offer to get acquainted with a list and annotations under the topics of technologies and inventions proposed for cooperation available on our website.

All developments and technologies are offered with designer supervision over their introduction.

We are always ready for mutually beneficial cooperation with all interested companies, as well as investment funds or private investors.

Our institute can consider the application on development of a new technology according to the terms of reference provided.

We will consider all your offers of cooperation.

It is possible to sell patents for invention or licenses for use of already developed technologies.

Join our projects and invest capital to innovative technologies of the 21st century.